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ECB Equine Spa Now Available At Santa Anita Race Track by Allen Gutowski

Tyler Cerin's Equine Body Works has just installed a brand new ECB Equine Spa at the Santa Anita Race Track. For more about Tyler's background and the services he offers, CLICK HERE

As you will discover from the article, Tyler puts the well-being of the horses he works with as a top priority... and in that regard he tested out the Spa for himself before putting any of his patients in! Most clients only dip in a toe, but Tyler wanted to get the full effect...

Horse heaven: Spa days for thoroughbreds by Allen Gutowski

A video overview of Bruce Jackson's Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center in Maryland, including his ECB Spa... truly one of the best places for your race horse!

Fair Hill equine therapy center in Maryland promises to pamper thoroughbreds with a range of treatments from solaria to cold saltwater spas.