special nu baby

ECB Spa owner Matt Gaines wins Final 2015 Mercuria at the Congress by Allen Gutowski

Matt Gaines and Special Nu Baby (Dual Rey x Nu I Wood) owned by Barker Ranch LLC., knew they had a tough draw being last to work in the seven horse finals and when Matt’s wife Tara handed him the reins he told her he didn’t think he had the cows left to win on. As it turns out, “Baby” proved once again that she doesn’t need “cows to win on”, and like Matt told us afterwards, she just needs him to “cut cows that won’t take them out of the cutting”! This quick-thinking little powerhouse of a mare faced the challenge ahead and never looked back. When the clock ran out on this exciting run the announcer, Danny Moore had to shout out over the noise from the crowd to let Matt know he was done and when the 230 score came up on the board the crowd got even louder. FULL ARTICLE