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10 Early Warning Signs of Laminitis by Allen Gutowski

~Your horse's best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early~

It’s a painful condition that veterinarians, farriers, and horse owners have been racking their brains about for decades. Laminitis—the separation or failure of laminae, which connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone within—can cause permanent structural changes in a horse’s foot, leading to repeated bouts of disease and lasting lameness. In severe cases the pedal (coffin) bone in the hoof rotates downward, potentially even puncturing the sole and prompting the decision to euthanize. But get this: Watchful handlers can actually detect signs of laminitis in its early stages and intervene before the condition becomes debilitating.


    Reading Feet | Horse&Rider by Allen Gutowski

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    Of course, we at ECB know that our Equine Spa is miraculous for treating all sorts of hoof injuries, including laminitis. It is also a wonderful preventive therapy to help keep your horses happy and healthy!