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Not Just Another Day at the Spa by Allen Gutowski

Cutting Horse Central / Author: Alex Taft

When you hear the word “spa,” massages and facials may come to mind, but M/M Equine Spa & Rehab Center’s services will make you rethink the idea that a spa just provides a day of relaxation. 

Cutting horses and other performance horses are often asked to give 100 percent in the show pen for extended periods of time, especially during some of those marathon Triple Crown events. And often, those athletes need more than just a couple days of rest to bounce back for the next show, particularly if a horse has a new or existing injury. 

Matt Miller, and his wife, Megan, had seen the power of rehabilitation therapy on their own horses first hand and thought the addition of a rehab center at their training facility (M/M Cutting Horses) in Poolville, Texas, would be invaluable. 

Their goal was to not only be able to service and rehab their own client’s horses, but also equine athletes from other programs, as well. The spa offers a variety of treatments that will ensure your horses are feeling strong and performing at their best.

One of their most popular services is the ECB Cold Saltwater Spa. The Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a variety of injuries by moving 35°F aerated saltwater around those problem or high-risk areas of the lower leg. The cold temperature helps to increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation, while the salt concentration causes ligaments and tendons to tighten.

“On some of the horses that we get in for rehab for lower leg injuries, the healing effects of the Cold Saltwater Spa can be seen after only one treatment,” said M/M Equine Spa & Rehab Center Manager, Jocelyn Marzella. “I have had horses with suspensory injuries struggle to walk into the spa, and then walk out nearly sound from the instant relief in inflammation. With repeated spa treatments, healing time is noticeably shorter.” 

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M/M Equine Spa and Rehab Center

M/M Equine Spa and Rehab Center

Winners at the NCHA Western Nationals by Allen Gutowski

Congratulations to J&S Equine Spa customer and trainer Cullen Chartier and owner Alexis Stephas and ONCE YOU GO BLACK on their Championship win with a 221 and Reserve Champion win for Cullen and owner Hillary Watson and SCOOTER MCGAVIN 220 at the NCHA Western Nationals in Denver this week!

ECB Spa Owner Beau Galyean First in Open Derby at the 2016 Ike Derby and Classic by Allen Gutowski

Open Derby Results:

The Derby Open at the Ike was full of great horses and several exceptional runs.  It is exciting to see all of the new four year olds starting their careers and coming into their own.  Metallic Rebel (Metallic Cat x Sweet Abra) and Beau Galyean marked a 225 to take home the Championship and a check for $21,750.67 

Metallic Rebel or “Cecil”, as he is affectionately referred to after Alvin Fults’ middle name, has always had the potential to be great and is proving to be getting the hang of things to say the least.  Beau was not sure if Cecil would make the NCHA Futurity as he was a little "green" and needed a good bit of work.  It was around Derby time when he called Tom Guinn about the talented, young stallion as Tom had always had a special feeling about this horse.  Beau has been very excited about the string of horses he currently has showing including Cecil and other Open Derby finalist from the Ike, Chrome Cadillac (Metallic Cat x Tootsie Rey).  “Chrome”, owned by Ellen Carter, was not only a finalist but also the Novice Champion and Gelding Champion accumulating checks equaling $5,723.20.


ECB Spa owner Matt Gaines wins Final 2015 Mercuria at the Congress by Allen Gutowski

Matt Gaines and Special Nu Baby (Dual Rey x Nu I Wood) owned by Barker Ranch LLC., knew they had a tough draw being last to work in the seven horse finals and when Matt’s wife Tara handed him the reins he told her he didn’t think he had the cows left to win on. As it turns out, “Baby” proved once again that she doesn’t need “cows to win on”, and like Matt told us afterwards, she just needs him to “cut cows that won’t take them out of the cutting”! This quick-thinking little powerhouse of a mare faced the challenge ahead and never looked back. When the clock ran out on this exciting run the announcer, Danny Moore had to shout out over the noise from the crowd to let Matt know he was done and when the 230 score came up on the board the crowd got even louder. FULL ARTICLE

Matt Gaines at the All American Quarter Horse Congress - Another history making event by Allen Gutowski

Matt and “Baby” made history again by being the only Open horse & rider to qualify for all eight of the Mercuria Finals in one year with last night’s win being his fourth Mercuria Championship in a row to go along with the first one in San Antonio earlier this year and the Reserve Championship in Calgary a few months ago. In total they have racked up a little over $66,000 in Mercuria earnings alone and giving him total Open earnings of somewhere around $115,000 for the year. Matt has a huge lead in the Open standings and has already secured the Open Championship but they have one more goal in their sights which is the record held by Pete Branch and Ms Peppy Cat for the most money ever won in the Open in one year which stands at $131,516 set back in 2008 BEFORE the Mercuria World Series of Cutting format was implemented.

Matt said they will go home and get rested up before heading to the Southern Cutting Futurity and possibly some of the Batesville cuttings. Matt also wanted to give a shout out to all his help that have helped them along the way and especially his wife Tara who has had "Baby" ready for him all year and taken such great care of her and keeping her feeling good. On an interesting little side note Matt Gaines was also the original trainer on second placed horse Cat Black I and 4th place horse Meradas Chula. 

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Open Mercuria Champion Matt Gaines & Special Nu Baby

Open Mercuria Champion Matt Gaines & Special Nu Baby

Spa Owner Laura Landers Wins at Brazos Bash After Battling Injuries by Allen Gutowski

ECB congratulates Laura Landers riding Sweet Lil Sylvia (aka Sweet Pea) on winning the classic unlimited amateur finals at the Brazos Bash! Both horse and rider have been sidelined to recover from injuries over the past couple of years... what an exciting comeback! For more on the Brazos Bash results, please visit Cutting Horse Central

Sweet Lil Sylvia (aka Sweet Pea) in the spa at Laura Landers' Rancho Estrellita

Sweet Lil Sylvia (aka Sweet Pea) in the spa at Laura Landers' Rancho Estrellita

Matt Gaines Phenomenal Run To Win The Open Finals At El Rancho Futurity by Allen Gutowski

Congratulations to ECB Spa owner Matt Gaines on a phenomenal run with Baby to win the Open Mercuria Finals at the El Rancho Futurity in Ranch Murieta California and tie the highest score ever marked in NCHA history!

Shown: El Rancho Futurity & Mercuria WS Finals Shown by: Matt Gaines Rancho Murieta Equine Center Rancho Murieta, California

Matt Miller New Derby Open Champion Riding Sweet Lil Amanda by Allen Gutowski

Congratulations to ECB Spa owner Matt Miller riding Sweet Lil Amanda owned by Chris & Tracy Brengard marking a 225 - The New Derby Open Champions winning $11,500! For more on Matt Miller's facility, check out M/M Equine Spa and Rehab

The ECB Equine Spa at M/M Equine Spa and Rehab

The ECB Equine Spa at M/M Equine Spa and Rehab

Wes and Beau Galyean Advance to Slot Cutting Finals at Showdown in Cowtown by Allen Gutowski

Wes Galyean advancing to the Finals with a 222 on Lil Rattler. Beau Galyean advancing to the Finals on Sannman with a score of 221. The finals will take place on Sunday at Will Rogers. Wes has an ECB Spa on his ranch in OK and Beau has one in TX! ECB wishes best of luck to each of them! For more information on their programs, you can visit their respective websites at the following: