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ECB Spa installed in Utah by Allen Gutowski

ECB is pleased to announce that a Spa is now available in Beryl, UT! We welcome J&S Equine Performance and Rehabilitation to our growing family of clients... visit their page J&S Equine  for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Even a severe tendon injury doesn’t have to spell the end: case study by Allen Gutowski

The words “tendon injury” fill most horse owners with dread. But even with a poor initial prognosis for tendon injuries in horses, there can be a happy ending, as show horse Pink Floyd proves.

The successful large hack qualified for Horse of the Year Show two years ago — during his first season competing in the show ring — and his owner, Sarah Briggs, envisaged an exciting career ahead. But less than a week after returning from Birmingham, the 16hh gelding severed a tendon and his future looked bleak.

“He was only six and had his whole life in front of him,” says Sarah, who bought the half-brother of multi-titled Pearly King as an unbroken three-year-old.

A son of Kilvington Scoundrel, in 2013 Floyd progressed from novice to open large hack classes with Loraine Homer in the saddle. The pair claimed five championship titles and stood reserves on two occasions.

No one saw Floyd injure himself because he was in the field. He might have been playing around, and caught himself with a hind leg. Suddenly the girls on the yard saw that he was on three legs and called me.”

Tendon injury treatment

The first few days are critical following a tendon injury. Pedantic care, veterinary attention and the horse being a good patient are vital.

“Floyd had good days and I began to hope, but also bad days where he looked uncomfortable. Scans confirmed it was a severe injury, but I wanted to give him a chance.”

Floyd spent six months at Radway Equine Rehabilitation Centre, which is run by Fiona Elliott, a vet at the Hook Norton practice.

Spa treatments became key to the horse’s recovery.

“Floyd didn’t even like stepping in puddles, so at first he was sedated. But by the end he was so relaxed that he would doze in the spa,” recalls Sarah.

Half way through his rehabilitation Floyd was able to walk in slow, straight lines, progressing to large circles and, as the walking increased, spa time decreased.

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Karl Cook of Pomponio Ranch Never Without His ECB Spa by Allen Gutowski

Nice article in The Chronicle of the Horse about ECB Equine Spa owner Karl Cook and his stallion Jonkheer Z... 

Behind The Stall Door With: Jonkheer Z

By: Esther Hahn

"Cook swears by his equine spa that circulates cold saltwater, and the equipment travels to shows with Pomponio..." FULL ARTICLE

ECB Spa owner among AQHA: American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Inductees by Allen Gutowski

James E. Helzer of Arlington, Texas, is a 20-year breeder of American Quarter Horses who served as AQHA president in 2009-10. The racing breeder and his wife, Marilyn, bought their first racehorse in 1962.

While working in the defense industry, Helzer trained racehorses on the side and eventually became a roofing contractor who built a business that grew to encompass nine states and 33 locations. In 1990, he bought Refrigerator, who won that year’s All American Futurity, became a two-time world champion in racing, retired as the then all-time leading money earner with $2,126,309 and was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2000. In 1993, Helzer turned his business expertise to breeding American Quarter Horses and established stallion stations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. After his term as AQHA president, he continued his service on AQHA committees. 

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Injured Quarter Horse Is Back In The Show Ring Thanks To Spa Treatment by Allen Gutowski

From The Equine Chronicle Online (April 2012) - Margaret Smith and her AQHA gelding Invite Rumors, known as Roo, are back in the show ring after Roo’s successful treatment at The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Ocala. Roo was injured in a pasture accident and the injury healed following treatments in the Cold Saltwater Spa at The Sanctuary.

A horse being treated in the ECB Equine Spa at The Sanctuary

A horse being treated in the ECB Equine Spa at The Sanctuary

Horses get regular Spa treatments leading up to the AQHA World Championship by Allen Gutowski

                       Harley D Zip

                       Harley D Zip

“Hot Ones Only Wins His 7th AQHA World Championship” Hunt Seat – Charlie Cole’s and Leena Volmer’s horses get regular Spa treatments leading up to the AQHA World Championship.

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                                                                                           Izzy Got It

                                                                                           Izzy Got It

Horses use ECB Equine Cold Salt Hydrotherapy Spa by Allen Gutowski

Watch a video overview of the ECB Equine Spa - see how it work! Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 35°F / 2°C saltwater.  The spa has successfully addressed virtually all lower leg injuries.  Treatment temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. This drug free therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training.

Horses use ECB Equine cold salt hydrotherapy for prevention and treatment of leg injury

Wide World of Horses spotlights the ECB Equine Spa at the Snaffle Bit Futurity by Allen Gutowski

Wide World of Horses - ECB Equine Spa owner Pat Grohl of Premier Equine Center brought his Spa to the Snaffle Bit Futurity and was featured in an episode of Wide World of Horses with Les Vogt on RFD-TV. Top trainers such as Todd Crawford, Bob Avila, Boyd Rice, and the champion Zane Davis used the spa to help maintain their horses throughout the show. In addition, 13 of the 25 Open Futurity Finalists used the Spa for their horse during the competition. Pat has also taken his Spa to the PCCHA Cutting Futurity where Matt Gaines, Morgan Cromer, Grant Setnicka and the eventual champion, Phil Rapp, all used the Spa.

ECB Equine Spa successfully used at two top shows by Allen Gutowski

Premier Equine Center's Mobile Spa has proven to be a huge success at two large horse shows. 

The spa was in place to treat horses at both the NRCHA World Championship Snaffle Bit Show in Reno, Nevada and the PCCHA Cutting Horse Futurity in Paso Robles, California. 

At the Snaffle Bit, top trainers such as Todd Crawford, Bob Avila, Boyd Rice and the champion, Zane Davis, used the spa to help maintain their horses through out the show. 13 of the 25 Open Futurity Finalist used the spa for their horse at point or another during the competition. 

At the PCCHA Cutting Futurity, top trainers such as Matt Gaines, Morgan Cromer, Grant Setnicka and the eventual champion, Phil Rapp, used the spa on at least one of their horses.

Al Shaqab - Visionary equine facility in Qata hosts two ECB Spas by Allen Gutowski

Al Shaqab is a visionary new equestrian venue featuring world-class facilities, comprehensive educational resources, and a consummate dedication to excellence.

The centre, which boasts 800,000 square metres is a member of the Qatar Foundation - an organisation which aims to develop its nation, founded by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar in 1995.

The centre which is home to two ECB Equine spas and the following facilities can be found at

  • Riding Academy and Clubhouse with full amenities
  • Emiri Stables and Majlis
  • Visitor's Center and Museum
  • Historic Ottoman Stables
  • Arabian Breeding and Training Center
  • Endurance Training Center, Track and Research Facility
  • Veterinary Hospital
  • Farrier Area
  • Multiple Stable Blocks
  • Grass and Sand Paddocks
  • Staff and Groom Accommodations