Lame Camel Treated at Equine Spa / by Allen Gutowski

A lame camel has been receiving royal treatment at an equine spa – with dramatic results.

Celebrity camel

ECB Equine in Bourton-on-the-Water is normally used by top competition horses, including Zara Phillip’s Olympic and World Equestrian Games ride, High Kingdom. However, Sarah Branston received a call asking if she could treat a camel.

Kokoso is no ordinary camel, however, having starred in a number of films, adverts and TV programmes, including Location Location Location. The 8.5ft camel is one of Joseph's Amazing Camels, a company which provides the animals for a range of activities including racing, polo and trekking.

Really fearful

According to Sarah treating camels is difficult because of the temperament.

“They kick forward and sideways so it’s not easy for vet to treat them,” Sarah told H&C. “I was really fearful, as you’ve got to be very careful with them, but he’s been fabulous. He’s a lovely animal and just walks straight in.”

Kokoso was very lame when he first came to Sarah, with extreme heat in his foot, and Sarah suspected he had deep tissue damage and severe bruising. Following six sessions, he is now sound, but will receive ongoing treatment.

Natural treatment

The spa uses saltwater at temperature of 2°C and jacuzzi jets, which massage the limbs. The freezing water is good for reducing inflammation, while the salt aids healing and acts like a poultice, drawing out fluid.

“This is a real step forward for camel welfare as we can now treat lower limbs on camels without needing to sedate them,” says Sarah. “It’s a totally natural treatment which has worked on horses and now it can be used on camels, all around the world.” 

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                              Kokoso in the equine spa: "He’s a lovely animal and just walks straight in”

                              Kokoso in the equine spa: "He’s a lovely animal and just walks straight in”