Horse Racing Nation - Hydrotherapy: For the Good of the Horse / by Allen Gutowski

Read about the benefits of hydrotherapy in an article on Horse Racing Nation...

By definition, hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that uses water to alleviate pain, aid movement, and stimulate recovery of wounds or injury. It can also be used as a form of low-impact exercise that promotes beneficial conditioning or prevention of injury. This method of treatment has been in use for centuries and has recently experienced a surge in the horse world.

Equine hydrotherapy is practiced in many forms other than just swimming, including cold saltwater therapy and underwater treadmills. Hydrotherapy provides a unique method of exercise and rehabilitation for horses, as it presents a low-impact technique while relieving stress in a manner that offers great resistance, thus improving the animal’s fitness. Exercising horses in water is low-concussion and also builds a horse’s cardio, as hydrotherapy is very effective in conditioning the animal’s heart and lungs. Furthermore, this system allows a horse’s bones to become denser while exercising the horse in a soothing fashion.

Hydrotherapy for horses can take many forms, even as simple as running water, which can reduce pain and swelling in a horse. Hydrotherapy that is practiced on a larger scale can take much more time, management, work, and money than the simple use of running water, but can greatly improve a horse’s recovery and condition.

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