Kentucky Derby Champ – Horsing Around at Day Spa / by Allen Gutowski

“Kentucky Derby Champ – Horsing Around at Day Spa” TMZ Sports –

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby last weekend is kicking back IN STYLE -- in fact, we're told, the thoroughbred will undergo a special daily spa treatment to help it gear up for the next big race.

The horse's trainer Graham Motion tells TMZ, now that Animal Kingdom is a champion -- he'll start daily saltwater spa treatments to help aid muscle recovery after the race. 

The 25-minute process includes submerging the horse up to its knees in cold saltwater -- and Graham insists ... it feels wonderful ... for the horse anyway.

But that's not all -- Graham says AK's bed is getting a makeover too ... telling us, the entire stable will be packed with "a lot more straw for a very cushy bed" to maximize comfort before AK's next big race.

Of course, of course.

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