Trainer and Driver Rick Zeron on the Mohawk backstretch / by Allen Gutowski

“Horsemanship: From A to Zeron” Standardbred Canada – A look at the life of trainer and driver Rick Zeron on the Mohawk backstretch. As Zeron reclines in his office chair, the barn is a buzz of activity. ‘Hey Marty, who’s that?’ bellows Zeron as a horse walks by in some discomfort. ‘Bring him here. Let me look at his back leg.’ The trainer leaps from his chair and is immediately on a bent knee, inspecting a hind leg with a noticeable mark. ‘Take him over to the pool,’ orders Zeron. ‘I don’t think that’s a suspensory… what’s the number of the pool?’ In seconds, Zeron has placed a call and the groom walks the horse over to the Equine Spa for a bit of treatment.”

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