Tennessee facility uses innovative treatments for horses / by Allen Gutowski

Treating Horses in the ECB Equine Spa at The Jaeckle Centre

Treating Horses in the ECB Equine Spa at The Jaeckle Centre

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RFD-TV) Middle Tennessee boasts one of the premiere treatment and rehabilitation centers for equine athletes.

Located in Thompson’s Station, Tenn., the Jaeckle Centre employs a full team of professionals and utilizes innovative treatments.

“Have here to utilize being from the indoor arena to working the horses and doing our lameness exams there. And then particularly the opportunity to do the rehab center. This is kind of the cutting edge sort of thing that Trace and Andre Jaeckle put in and this is kind of their vision and I’m just glad to be a part of it, to be here,” said Dr. Mark Wooten, director of equine orthopedic services.

“We have everyone from English riders, jumpers, ropers, cutters, mainly performance horses, but we do have some backyard horses that want the extra care just like we do with our performance horses,” said Ashley Paris, the barn and client care administrator.

“The underwater treadmill has been a great asset. The little horse that was on the video is actually my horse. He’s a cutting horse that has some issues in the past and some problems. Since he’s been here, he’s been so much better. That’s his work, is spending time on the treadmill so we don’t have to do a lot of exercise getting him ready for the show,” said Wooten.

“This is our EquiVibe vibration plate. For the majority of horses that are kept at our facility, we use it as a preventative for any sort of issue they may have. This piece of equipment also increases the blood circulation and increases the lymphatic system action,” said Naomi Minardi, an equine therapist.

“The cold saltwater spa has really been an advantage into these horses in taking out soreness that is just from routine work. And it’s been a great diagnostic tool also because it’s really amazing how these horses going into that spa, you might feel all kinds of different things about their legs, it’s hard to be real specific about what’s going on there. They come out of that spa and their leg will be cold as ice unless there is an area of pathology,” said Wooten.

“The benefits can vary depending on exactly the injury. It’s very beneficial for tendons, suspensories, even after a hard workout, it’d be beneficial just to come and ice your horse down,” said Minardi.

“This is our equa-pulse machine. What it is, is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. So what’s it’s actually doing for the horse in layman’s terms is acting like a deep tissue massage. So you can actually see it pulsing his muscles. It also pulses more over different acupuncture points and we see a lot of this licking and chewing reaction from this piece of equipment. That’s what we look for to know that the horse is enjoying his treatment,” Minardi said as she demonstrated the device.

“It’s been a real eye opening experience for me of learning more and more about this, you know. It’s quite new and a lot of veterinarians, we need to start thinking about it and really looking into this because it can make all the difference in the world,” said Wooten.