ECB Streamline Spa owner Jim Boyle scores his first treble / by Allen Gutowski

Epsom-based trainer Jim Boyle was delighted to land his first ever treble on the 6th June 2008, with two wins at Wolverhampton and a winner at Bath.

The Wolverhampton winners were “Ogre” in the 2pm Claiming Stakes and “Copperbottomed” in the 3.10 Midland Technical Translations 25th Anniversary selling stakes. His third win was at Bath with “Pippbrook Gold” in the 8pm Paladian Group Median Auction Maiden Stakes.

Jim was recently quoted as saying “Since installing the ECB Streamline Spa I have been delighted with the results, and now employ someone full time to run it so that I can get as many through as possible. It is not just in treatment of injuries that it has been so useful, but also in the maintenance of ongoing minor niggles, and also prevention of injuries in the first place. A classic example is Idle Power who at the age of 10 won his 13th race the other day on his 100th start. He goes in the spa most days and it just helps to maintain his soundness. Most of them really seem to enjoy their spa sessions as well. I can honestly say the ECB spa has been a really beneficial addition to the yard and now I wouldn't be without one”

“Idle Power” won at Goodwood on the 30th March in the Goodwood Aero Club Stakes – his 13th win on his 100th appearance. 

To date 24 of Jim's 143 runners have won and 85 have been placed in the first 4 – not a bad start to the season by any means - and many of these are regular users of the ECB spa.