Canada's fastest horse couldn't have won without ECB Equine Spa / by Allen Gutowski

“Coleman, Sportswriter Love The Spa” Standardbred Canada – Canada’s fastest horse couldn’t have won without the ECB Equine Spa.  Coleman credits the Equine Spa with healing the quarter cracks and allowing world champion pacer Sportswriter to run in the 2010 North America Cup.

“His feet are awesome,” Coleman told Trot Insider at Tuesday’s post draw, noting that her colt went a training trip that morning and came out of it in great shape. “I’ve been going to the Mohawk spa and I give them all of the credit. That’s one thing I have not used a whole lot; but that sea salt spa, I’ve been using it [with Sportswriter] and it’s really calmed his feet down and got the heat out of them. He’s got his steel shoes back on, which the horse appreciates and he came out of his race very sound this week. He’s ready to rock.”

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Sportswriter wins the 2010 Pepsi North America Cup on June 26 at Mohawk Racetrack.