Blame treated in ECB Equine Spa to prep for Breeders' Cup Classic win / by Allen Gutowski

"2010 Breeders Cup"  - The ECB Equine Spa makes an appearance with Breeders' Cup Classic winner "Blame" on Ernie Munick's THE E TRAIN, a look at the Breeders' Cup Underground and Churchill-Bound... “Goldi, Zenyatta and Blame - Oh My!” - This video by Ernie Munick’s The E Train, chronicling perhaps the most exciting of all 27 Breeders' Cups, originally aired at BC360 as the last stop on the 2010E Train.  Blame takes daily treatments in the ECB Equine Spa every morning before dawn prior to winning the 2010Breeders' Cup Classic (seen at the 6min 50sec mark).