State of the Art rehabilitation centre opens in Sharjah, UAE. by Allen Gutowski

A unique rehab centre has opened at the Sharjah Racing and Equestrian Club, UAE. The centre, run by Greg Neil, has an ECB spa, ECB water treadmill, water walker and various treatment facilities. Catering for all disciplines of equestrianism, the centre can also take horses on a rehab livery basis.


ECB team up with Equi Team, Sweden by Allen Gutowski

ECB are delighted to have Ulrika Björnerot, director of Equi Team International AB, working as the representative for the Nordic countries. Both Ulrika and Equi Team have a wealth of knowledge in the rehabilitating of horses, and in particular, the ECB spa and water treadmill.

Having a local person on the ground always gives people peace of mind and the back up they need for using our equipment. Ulrika knows ECB well and chose us after researching all the spas and treadmills on the market.

You can contact Ulrika either through our contact page or her website -


Not Just Another Day at the Spa by Allen Gutowski

Cutting Horse Central / Author: Alex Taft

When you hear the word “spa,” massages and facials may come to mind, but M/M Equine Spa & Rehab Center’s services will make you rethink the idea that a spa just provides a day of relaxation. 

Cutting horses and other performance horses are often asked to give 100 percent in the show pen for extended periods of time, especially during some of those marathon Triple Crown events. And often, those athletes need more than just a couple days of rest to bounce back for the next show, particularly if a horse has a new or existing injury. 

Matt Miller, and his wife, Megan, had seen the power of rehabilitation therapy on their own horses first hand and thought the addition of a rehab center at their training facility (M/M Cutting Horses) in Poolville, Texas, would be invaluable. 

Their goal was to not only be able to service and rehab their own client’s horses, but also equine athletes from other programs, as well. The spa offers a variety of treatments that will ensure your horses are feeling strong and performing at their best.

One of their most popular services is the ECB Cold Saltwater Spa. The Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a variety of injuries by moving 35°F aerated saltwater around those problem or high-risk areas of the lower leg. The cold temperature helps to increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation, while the salt concentration causes ligaments and tendons to tighten.

“On some of the horses that we get in for rehab for lower leg injuries, the healing effects of the Cold Saltwater Spa can be seen after only one treatment,” said M/M Equine Spa & Rehab Center Manager, Jocelyn Marzella. “I have had horses with suspensory injuries struggle to walk into the spa, and then walk out nearly sound from the instant relief in inflammation. With repeated spa treatments, healing time is noticeably shorter.” 

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M/M Equine Spa and Rehab Center

M/M Equine Spa and Rehab Center